$2 Products

$2 Product Line

If you liked our $1 products try these:
• Instead of having 60 items to sell per box these have only 30 items per case.
• Up to 50% profit on each item adds up fast.
• Rich premium chocolate — the quality delights customers and gives sellers confidence.
• A Three Winners subscription coupon with every purchase adds even more value.

What we need from the group and how we can help:
-School groups should always get permission from the school administration before running a sale.
-We need to know how many cases your group wants to order and the time it should be delivered. Be mindful that orders take time to ship and personalization and configuration require a lead time.
-We can help develop a prize program that generates enthusiasm and motivates your sellers to sell as much as they can.

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WFC - 60 Years!

$2 Chocolate Shop Bar Variety Pack

$2 Chocolate Shop Variety Pack

Four chocolate bar flavors in a convenient variety pack. A perfect fundraiser for school, band or sports team. Each item sold for $2.  Gluten & Peanut Free.

Price: $30.00 - $36.00

This popular pack contains 25 bars:

12 Milk Chocolate with Almonds Bars
6 Caramel Bars
6 WF Crisp Bars
6 Dark Chocolate



$2 Chocolate Shop Bars and Boxed Variety Pack

$2 Variety Pack

A delicious assortment of our most popular fund raising chocolates, with personalized labels. Each item in the case sells for $2.  Peanut Free.

Price: $30.00 - $36.00

This pack contains 30 items:

6 Milk Chocolate with Almond Bars
3 Milk Chocolate Bars
3 WF Crisp Bars
3 Mint Meltaways
12 Continental Almonds
3 Caramel Whirls