Strike LED Band

Strike LED Bands

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Let these wristbands be your next bright idea for raising funds! These bands are great for teams to sell. Customize the band with the team name and sell them at games to fans and relatives as they cheer you on! These are also great for safety at night and school dances.

Strike 3!

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The new customization program, Strike3, allows our customers to choose the light and clasp color combo of their choosing. Customize the band text, light color, and clasp color to commemorate the festivities or support your team. The variety of colors are sure to please everyone!

~ Great for teams to sell!
~ Assortment of different colors available:

Clasp Color/Light Color

Red/Red Blue/Blue Green Green
Black/Orange Black/White Purple/White
Royal/Blue Maroon/White Yellow/White
Purple/Purple Orange/Orange Pink/Pink

What we need from the group is:
- An order sheet filled out and returned to us. The order sheet can be found by clicking on this link:

Strike LED Band Order Form

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