Seasonal Products

Holiday CC Packed By Student

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Great for Seasonal gift sales:
- 50% profit on each item adds up fast.
- Rich premium chocolate — great for gifts or just yourself.
- Orders and money is gathered by the group before the order is sent to World's Finest.

These items are only available for a limited amount of time. Due to the time sensitive nature of these items orders must be turned into the company by a hard deadline. Any orders past this deadline might not be filled.

Ask us for more details. (702) 804-6750

**Easter orders are due in by February 23, 2016.**

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Solid Milk Chocolate Bunny

Dollar Box

Our Bunny is made from rich, smooth, creamy solid milk chocolate. 8 inches tall. 6 oz.



Pastel Imperial Almonds

Dollar Box

Inside the colored confection shell, you'll find premium almonds slow-roasted in cocoa butter, then drenched in a thick coating of World's Finest Chocolate. 6 oz.


Solid Milk Chocolate Santa

Dollar Box

Our Santa is made from rich, smooth, creamy, solid milk chocoalte. 8 inches tall. 6 oz.





Holiday Imperial Almonds

Dollar Box

Fresh roasted almonds blanketed in layers of World's Finest milk chocolate covered in colorful candy shells. 5.25 oz.

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